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Mother is the center of harmony and prosperity for her family


A mother's role in the family is invaluable.

Mother is an ever-present center of coherence, continuously harmonizing the diverse tendencies of the family and integrating them into a beautiful wholness.

Mother Divine plays this role in our world family.

What is The Mother Divine Programme?

We are a large group of women from many different professional, cultural, ethnic, national, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds, but we share a common goal—ensuring the happiness, peace, prosperity, and well-being of our global family.

How is The Mother Divine Programme
Creating a Better Life for Everyone?

Extensive scientific research has shown thet when a critical number of people practise the Transcendental Meditation and advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme together in a group, good things happen. Tension and incoherence, the root cause of personal and social stress, melt away. WE ARE SUCH GROUP - hundreds of woman meditating together around the year, around the globe.

For more than 30 years we have been together. We have traveled to some of most troubled areas in the world to bring an influence of peace and harmony when and where it was most needed. In recent years, European chapter of the Mother Divine Programme has settled in several countries in Europe to create a stable basis for prosperity and peace in Europe and through Europe to the whole world. There are affiliated groups of Mother Divine in other countries.

You Can Create a Peaceful World

We want to create a large group of Mother Divine to contribute maximum to a global atmosphere of harmony and coherence. To expand our numbers we need to build new facilities and provide scholarships for new numbers. There are many waiting to join us.

How is The Mother Divine Programme Funded?

Our long hours of group meditation morning and evening together with our commitment to nonprofit, charitable work leaves little opportunity for income generating activities. So the Mother Divine programme relies on donations from well-wishers who want to be connected with this life—supporting, peace—creating endeavor. The testimonials and videos contributed by our supporters will give you a feeling of the positive influence they enjoy in their personal lives from donating to the Mother Divine programme. Maybe you would like to help too.

It doesn't take much. Many giving what they can adds up to significant support.

We warmly invite you to become one of our cherished donors and join us in doing something tangible to create a more peaceful world.

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